Thursday, December 22, 2005

What do guys in hotels – esp. artist’s do…I’ll tell ya – it’s pretty simple.

They pace back and forth practicing their answers for interviews –

When people ask them “what does that lyric – that sweep of the brush – that photograph mean, and we rehearsed our answer, too ashamed to tell them it was driving back from picking up Chinese food last night when “xxxx- ” came to mind.

xxxx- is a lyric – a good one that I see hasn’t been found on google so I’m not adding it now – let me get my ASCAP membership up to date…

And of course, to be unique – good luck – millions of voices are clamoring to be heard. How can we be any different?

If I ever get big enough to have my own t-shirt endorsement deal at a final TV table, I may turn it down and pimp myself –

No one else is gonna do it for me



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