Saturday, December 24, 2005

well, if you can get this...

I've been home for 6 hrs recovering from a bad run of SNG's - the boss let two guys go home after a half night - and it was MY turn - kewl, eh?

dragged up a ghost of an album called Deluxe, by Better Than Ezra - New Orleans Band - wonder how they're doing - They had their own studio too - I hope it didn't get destroyed...

So I go to the website, and that stupid Howie Day (who just got arrested) and had that stupid catchy single "Collide" - I'm like - nah....but yep - the frontman for BTE co-wrote it.

When I was in my 20's - that band ACTUALLY became a bit of a blueprint for my music. I was going for power trio stuff - well written songs - some nice distortion - and in the end, they fade, and here I am about to put out a morose motherfucker of an album that'll make Nebraska look like a Beach Boys album.

I've gotten a lot better about not getting into TOO much self-pity on here. I'm looking up - etc, etc - but when I write songs, it don't matter - if I'm writing them, they tend to be dark - even the fun dancy ones...all dark...

Remember "The Green Mile"?- Remember Coffey? - you know, big ol black guy who takes away people's illness and spits it back out in the form of what looks like ash?

you may have felt the same - when you're sick and coughing and as you go for one last hack or sniffle you imaging hacking the last of the virus out of your body as you try to get better?

That seems to be the way it is with me and songs - if I can spit them out, they're harmless, but if I keep them in, they're poison.

so they're sad songs - but good ones.



At 11:30 AM, Blogger Chad said...

BTE is still alive and kicking. I just saw them play a free show downtown after the James Page fun run, and can honestly say they are still one of my favorite bands.


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