Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Verbena - Into the Pink-

a little known 2nd album by a Carolina band - it had the stamp of Dave Grohl's production and I had seen one unimpressive video.

Mid 90's - I'm out of radio and a contractor for Rainier Technologies - telling myself I'm not a sellout because I'm well fed and middle class - (I was in a Tom Joad phase) - and I was sitting on the bench - (a step away from layoffs if you ask me) studying technologies - they're wanting us to know stuff.

I lose it - Lunch comes and I gun it for Uptown, where the counterculture of the mid 90's still found peace - Uptown reminds me a lot of NYC for some reason - all the foot traffic and weird stores - LOL -

then I went to Cheapo records where they had set up certain albums and listening stations - an employee recommended it so I eavesdropped it -

this is a good "fuck you album" - Like when you're at the poker table and you need something to remind you to tell your mouthy opponent to fuck off.

It's funny - having the right band in my headphones can actually make me feel superior to others - I'm privy to some special drug they're not privy to - it's as much a confidence booster to me as alcohol ever was...

I show up after a 100 min. lunch break - my fellow employees didn't notice I had been gone that long - everyone was dicking around...

It's good stuff - gotta get that Ipod Nano - LOL...



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