Wednesday, January 04, 2006

are you kidding me...

I can't take two weeks off -

Here's an essay I wrote - feel free to clip and pass on to your favorite poker sites anytime anyone starts talking about the ratings of the WPT dropping or losing revenue or whatever.....


I've been thinking about AA recently - and about how whenever I'm up against them, I shrug as if to say "ah well, I went up vs. the best" - kinda like a boxing tourney where you accidently draw first competition with last year's champ - you were sorta just not gonna win it - and the only smart thing you can do is seriously examine you were in the hand and hope it was justified - like you had KK.

In fact, everyone winces - here in Minnesota, Canterbury Park has AA Tuesdays. If pocket rockets get cracked, it's 75 bucks to you - the 2/4 and 3/6 games are full by noon - LOL. There are a lot of people in MN who believe they're SO unlucky, they'll fill the casino on this day thinking their luck will suck and they'll make money. This is what we have.

And for those of you laughing - get bent - we've had the same thing in poker for years. It's just called Razz and lowball - - a bunch of people playing a game partially because they believe their luck is so bad, their hands are good.

Actually, the Excalibur in Vegas has a wheel to spin when they get cracked, but it's a consolation prize - a few prizes are less then a NL buyin - but the point is, poker rooms can actually increase business by holding giveaways to the losers of AA - that tells you two things.

1. - Cardrooms make shitloads of money
2. - AA doesn't get cracked all that often in real life.

But we all wince when we see AA get cracked - and we tap the table out of respect if it was played right, and if played wrong (like slowplayed with 4 limpers already in the pot) - we'll usually go out of our way to educate them - that's not the strength of Aces, etc, etc - as if we feel they MUST know how to play those right, even though educating him will only cut into our profits that day.

I think we see Aces in the hole as like our daughter's virginity. It SHOULDN'T get cracked - it will sometimes, but it SHOULDN'T - they should remain pure and uncracked - even if she's 33 and has breast implants and dances around a pole at the strip club -

And so when they do, the guy who did it sometimes acts like he just got caught boning the father's daughter. Some shrug? - some talk smack - but I would imagine the reaction is very similar in both situations.

So, next time - just silently think to yourself -If you're doing the cracking - think this -

- "I'm fucking your beautiful virgin 21 year old sorority cheerleading daughter"

and if they got cracked - think this...

- "This arrogent little fuck just deflowered my baby princess"


there - if THAT doesn't improve the WPT's ratings, then nothing will.


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