Wednesday, January 04, 2006

alrighty - Whiskeytown's poker plans.

Bankroll is at 700 - took 3rd in a 180 player SNG - so I've got some money room and here's how I'm gonna play.

1 - Pokertrack everything - my Aggression Factor is a lot higher, thank goodness, both in limit and tourney games, though it's pretty weak preflop - I lost a lot of that if I don't pull the preflop stats, but I think I can play better post flop I'm not sweating it -

It's more then just raising - it's calling/checking less with marginal shit to begin with.

2 - trying to build my limit BR - start with 300 in .50/$1 - play on till I get 300 times the BB for the next level, sweat...

3. - Ok - Ipod nano - 16000 FPP's - not even close to that BUT I have played several of the EPT FPP qualifiers and cashed them out - I was at 900 and am at 5600 - SO I get a few more - get to 16000 - THEN become silver star by getting 1500 in one month - shouldn't be a problem once I get the 16000 FPP'S

those are all the rules I have for myself right now but I'm keeping tourney buyins under 22 except for the $36 one we see some days...those satellites are easy.

that and keep dodging the bad beats - fucking KT - cocksucker.



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