Saturday, January 07, 2006

allrighty - what happened in 24 hrs...

not much - got home and signed up for a 800 player 5.50 tourney - ended up taking 8th - busted when I reraised with JJ, ran into 99 - and the mofo flopped a 9 but I took A2 vs AQ and hit, so I totally recognize the swings.

when we were 27, I was average stacked - 25 times BB - and twice my opponent to my left got AA - took out 2/3rds of my stack and left me with about 11 tiems BB in 7th of 14th when it was all done - overall, I'm amazed I didn't bust there, esp. since I had J7 in a blind, he limped UTG with the monster, and I flopped top pair.

One of my fav hands - I'm in MP and I limp with 77 - we have a LP and a BB -

flop comes AK4 with two hearts - it's checked around
turn comes the 2 of hearts, BB checks and suddenly I just see the hand...

"They're all scared - one bet will drag this pot - probably about 2.5 times the BB - and if I get repopped, easy laydown, but if they don't have a draw to a monster, they're leaving when I bet.

I bet, they fold, and I pick up enough blinds to keep grinding - (I was 12-20 times BB for most of the last 2 hrs, but the difference is the 2nd hr everyone else starts ending up in the same spot - LOL.

I had this weird thing going - I imagined I was playing a tourney and giving commentary. I think this would be a great idea - Pokerstars has been doing some tourney replays and will be doing some with the guys at the PCA - Get Greg Raymer on there, and have him discuss every hand he plays and what his thought process is - but of course, that leaves him wide open to being exploited - that may be too much info to give away about your game.

So I'm playing like I'm imagining I have observers, and I'm making a fold and thinking "see, that was KT offsuit, but I have terrible position on a full table - not worth it" and I think I played better as a result, actually -

It was a good tourney even though I didn't sleep till 1pm - only made 91 bucks, but had JJ held up vs 99 - who knows...

another day.



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