Sunday, January 08, 2006

There's a post on 2+2 about James Dobson wanting to ban all gambling, including casinos and online. It was suggested it was the future of the right wing party.

Here's what I wrote in response -


Corrupt Religion and Corrupt Government have always worked well in theocratic states, with Religion being the tool by which the Government justifies the heavy handedness of the Government.

Fortunately, for as heavy as much of the Republican party is on "Family Values" - the guys that grease the money machine aren't really that eager to embrace Dobson.

Global Multinational Corporations have replaced Religion as an opiate of the masses - and instead of a pulpit, they use the wonders of 21st Century Media to give us advertisemets for products that bring in the money that fuel the machine. that's who Government sleeps with now.

Dobson is a hassle - A hassle I'm familiar with. I used to work in Christian Radio in a previous time and listened to a lot of his programs.

He's coming from a sincere place - he thinks by putting more "Godly" men in political power, he can make the nation a better place for Dobson and Dobson's radio listeners and that whole "Fundamentalist Christian" group of men who struggle with temptation. He also believes he represents the majority of Americans. I think at that point, he's wrong. I also disagree with his mindset that there is a Biblical Commandment by Jesus to set up a theocracy in his name, but that's for another forum.

That's Dobson - Whereas I would lump Pat Robertson, for example, with the worst of those Catholic popes from the Middle Ages - the ones who committed henious acts that God would send a Pope to hell for under the guise and authority of a "Godly Man"

For what it's worth, I think the modern popes are like James Dobson, but they're missing the lessons of their own history - Theocratic states become corrupt and oppressive. Religion and politics need to stay seperate, if for no reason then I can still call myself Christian without being ashamed of it's association with people like Pat Robertson.

Dobson is a hassle, but not danger. Your average American Right Wing male may bitch about Family Values to get the votes so they can make the money with the multinational corporations, but he likes a stoogie, porn, and a card game as much as the next guy. They won't let a guy like Dobson take the reins.

SHORT SUMMARY: - Men like Tom Delay won't allow men like James Dobson to call the shots.


PS - I'm giving serious thought to retirement in another country.


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