Sunday, January 08, 2006

:) - I just recovered a memory - :)

So, last week, I did a snowboarding thing - I hope date, but thing - we get to the bottom, take the lift to the top - go down with one in front of the other somewhere, and so forth back up.

and I'm sitting here thinking of that. Going up the hill with the girl, coming down the hill with the girl...

And then I'm running up the steps with some other freckled girl. It's not snowboarding - it's the Manteca Waterslides in Manteca, CA -

I don't remember how old I am - not teenager yet, or still awkward enough where it was sorta cool but not a big deal - we met her and her friend and for some reason as we're all going down the water slides. My brother, her, and I and she wants to tell me something but can't so she tells my brother and we go down the slides - Me first, then him, and then her -

and he's supposed to convey the message to me as we go down the waterslides.



- BAM - got a girlfriend - piece of cake. We trade numbers - I go back to Montana - bam - first heart I ever broke, I guess.

The Manteca Waterslides are closed now, I see - Folks around there, esp. the kids who are now grownups - probably see it a New Yorker remembers Coney Island.

Man....worst negotiation EVER for the start of a relationship...whoo - LOOL -


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