Thursday, January 12, 2006

Week in review...

certain factors have raised my aggrevation level a bit - we shall review them in order of aggrevation. Total Aggrevation Factor - (TAF) - on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being the worst.

I'd rank my best night in vegas with the two Doofus's from Dec. at about an 8.5, BTW

1. - spend my Vegas BR on furnishings that were deemed necessary if female visitors didn't mistake my apt. for a bad dorm room - no Ipod - just a table and chairs and a couple other things -

TAF = 2

2. - was hoping to meet up with the redhead mentioned a couple times - got postponed again - which was too bad cause the gig she was supposed to come to kicked ass -

TAF = 3 - would have been lower but bandmates making out all over the place pushed it up a bit -

3. - Pizza order tonight - three meats - but nope, despite what the receipt says - the pizza has pineapple instead of pepperoni -

TAF = 5 - dinner an hr. late = sad - esp. when you coughed up $25 for the large and the tip for the delivery.

4. - Work tonight - come on and get dumped on while the other folks on shift talk DVD's and movies for 2.5 hrs while I'm scrambling to get stuff done - happens more then I care to admit.

TAF = 6 - but this number increases the more I bust my hump and see no one else doing the same and little rewards for it.

5. - Go out to my car, and I see a tkt. - forgot about my tabs and the fuckers nailed me right on the 11th -

TAF = 9 - ah hell - that's a 10 - really pissed me off.

6. - I'm out of smoke and two weeks from a refill - I better have some by Valentine's Day, dangit - one way or another I'm gonna be happy this year on Valentine's Day - LOL - and I'm too broke to fly out to Vegas again this year for V-day.

TAF = 4 - or maybe that's the sole source of my aggrevation - glad I have some resin still - LOL.

SO - add it all up and that's 30 points of TAF - I get 20 more points and I can bump someone off and get legal safety as "justifible homicide" or "Temporary insanity"

all my enemies better be nice to me this week or I'm gonna go Tony Soprano on someone's ass -

and I haven't seen Thurs. or Fri. yet. - wonder how many days I can stay in bed before someone sends a search party - hmmm...


this shit has ruined my game - I only got about 10 in this week but it was mostly a drag - nothing came in - and what I did today, for example, was blown just by my mindset if not the cards.

I'm revisiting amateur hr. and forgetting to raise with KQ suited in late position or just shrugging and calling with AK in the SB when I know better - my mind isn't concentrating. I can't focus on the game this week, so I gotta let it go until this all settles down again.

as the good book says - God causes the sun to rise on the evil and the good, and sends rain on the righteous and the unrighteous.

some days I'm not sure if I fall into the first or second category, but either way, I guess I gotta get rain sometimes....



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