Sunday, January 15, 2006

oh good - I got enough resin for one more good hit, it feels - :)

it was a day of deleting old phone numbers in the cell - I hate doing that, but friends move and I don't get the new number - deleted three - considered adding one but I'll wait and see if she calls me back first :)

got a fifth win in a SNG but all my MTT's have been mostly junk this week - played two satellites for the 215, which I historically have done well at, and I"m still in one. But overall it's a bit down from yesterday, and I broke the $800 mark on the BR today. But now we're back to 700 -

tomorrow are the 2+2 MTT superstars. The best of the 2+2 MTT forum will play a structure similar to Poker Superstars invitational - 6 handed tables, multiple rounds, etc, etc...

three tourneys every Sunday - and somehow they accepted me - I think we're getting a couple big names too - we'll see. Maybe someone like Gavin Griffin or ZeeJustin or Gigabet.

so I'm doing that - pray for me - LOL.

I feel better - just needed the weekend to start real bad - a real one - (i.e. - 4 days - LOL)



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