Saturday, January 21, 2006

this is too good -

been listening to the Alan Lomax recordings and to one song in particular - Bean Phaidin - by Colm Keane.

Background - Alan Lomax was a 1950's archivist, recording traditional music all over the world, capturing it for future generations - (god I love being alive in these times) -

anyways, It's got the most gentle flow... and it's so beautiful, and I'm thinking - HEY - I've got the CD - let's read the story behind this song since there's nothing about it on the internet - (except I think I see it listed under possible wedding songs...)

and it's a love song all right - a woman is in love with another woman's husband - and it's a song of that unrequited love and heartfelt Irish passion and lust and loss - here's the English translation...

The Eng. translation of the song is called "Pat's Wife"

It's a sharp pity I'm not Pat's wife
and the wife that he has should be dead.

I would go to Galway and I would come home
in the boat with him

I wish that your feet may be broken, Pat's Wife
and your bones too.

I would go west by Rusheen wave,
and round by top of Sawleen

I would go to Matthew Casey's house
in the hope that I would see Pat's Wife

- ah man...I laughed for five minutes afterwards. I can see how it could be played at a wedding, but I wouldn't go advertising the translation - LOL....


decided to sign up for a $33 deep stacks tourney. They always said the longer the tourney the more likely skill will rise to the top, right? We're thru half the field after two hrs. and average stack is 10000 - I only have 6600 right now...

but it's half hr. blinds - after 2 hrs we're going to $75/150 -

plenty of time - but it's time to start opening up the aggressive game, me thinks...



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