Sunday, January 22, 2006

made 25 bucks in 7 hrs of my deepstack tourney last night, and I busted in the 2nd round of the MTT superstars.

pretty lame - you play 4 handed for 3 tables - same 3 guys - points are 10/5/2/0 -

So I took 3rd one time and 4th the 2nd - which means I need a win.

Normally points would be a little better distributed but one of 2+2's shining stars choked the chicken when he should have been playing poker so the same two guys made the top two -

actually, one guy took 2nd all three times - talk about being an owned bitch heads up - LOL -

So we get to the third round 3 handed - and not only do I have to win but I need this other guy to finish 3rd.

So what's gonna happen - he'll get a slight chip lead and sit out - meanwhile I can't play any hand vs. the other guy cause he can just go all in no problemo on any hand I COULD win because I can't bust him and let the other guy move up.

It kicks into this implicit collusion thing where the two don't even have to play and I can't play one of them - crock of shit - so when I got qq I snapped off the asshole - figured if I was gonna lose I was gonna at least get the cash for the buyin back.

now THAT'S a bullshit tourney structure when the game naturally declines towards a 2 vs 1 structure -

Sucks when you can't play to win a poker game. I'll be skipping lameass formats like this in the future...



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