Monday, January 23, 2006

I have brought in a parking lot chair (chair left in a parking lot dumpster area) - and I am setting my case of chips on it - my nice faux clay chips that are great for riffling and shuffiling. My friend will hate it - she's been helping me turn my apt. into less of a dorm room, but there's only so many things you can put up with "just in case I bring a girl home" before you say fuck off cause the fact is, no one will be coming by probably before Valentine's day :(

I need a change - I've taken out 99 dollars - 9 SNG entries, and I take each entry off the stack at the end of the match, and add stacks of chips to everything on the right that I win - if I win 78 bucks I drag out 3 green and three whites and stack them on the same part of my desk.

let's see if it ends bigger then it starts.

I'm actually playing 45 player SNG's this week - I am of the feeling that it's a nice payoff for what is BARELY any more difficult then a regular SNG.

I'm like any gambler - I like big payoffs, but I'm happier when I get $1700 from a ten buck tourney then I am when I get it from a $100 one, even if the $100 one is easier to beat cause it's smaller - and in this case, the difficulty difference is almost non-existant - and anyone who gets to the money in one will find some really bad competition if he can just keep his cool and play a short handed and heads up game. Lots of passive players who lack this experience in these - IMHO.

So this is my poker playing for the next two days - I've dropped my BR down to $541 (from a start of $300) and it's time to play some games I think I can maximize my chances of profit without a big risk.

see ya at the tables.



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