Thursday, June 30, 2005

yikes - I underestimated the ease with which I could clear any part of that bonus - two tabling on a couple games yesterday got me 5 bucks, or .1 percent -

In all fairness, I should clairify, I am up 70 bucks - (EDIT - tag another 100 on to that for flopping trips vs. the nut flush draw) - but just only 5 bucks in bonus money - LOL - I like the idea of the dealers choice games - but we need more players - most definately - I think I am incapable of understanding the concept of deferred rewards - LOL

Felicia went to play Razz - I find myself like someone scanning the war memorials or headlines, looking for a survivor or KIA, but she's not on the list for day two - not this time...

I feel like shit - bad dreams - dreamed there were 7 Q's in the deck on the craps table and I lost 500 bucks and I was fighting tooth and nail to get it back.

Yes, you read that right - 7 Queens in the 7 card stud game at the craps table - I have no idea how that worked - but I lost money, and it sucked cause it wasn't my fault -

and bar employees inviting me back to afterparty but I could never find the place - cops busting me for drugs I don't own - getting paid in crappy poker chips (the 10 cent kind, not the nice Paulsons) -

What a shit dream - if work is nice then the dreams will be better - LOL



At 11:21 PM, Blogger Felicia :) said...

It was a success. I played really well. Right this moment, that is what counts the most with me.


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