Thursday, June 23, 2005

heh...about to start another Whiskeytown Poker Tour to eliminate red gaps in the spreadsheet - (last one was an absymal failure) -

Today I put $100 into Doyle's Room - a nice room for LL slumming at 1/2 and so forth - I've also taken steps to get $500 in to UB as we speak...

hilarious 100 minutes - had so many big hands cracked and was ahead so many times and got run down - lost a 50 buck pot when I flopped the nut st8 and lost to a flush - I don't mind losing to those so much when they flop 4 to the draw, but playing fucking J4 suited? -

as I'm doing this, I'm watching MTV's Made - and I'm imaging what I would tell a kid who wanted to become a great poker player - I'd tell him it's all one game, and if you're making the right plays, then it'll come back to you...and not to tilt, though after my 4th rundown I smacked my recliner pretty hard out of frustration...

but a couple of key hands and I'm back in - the chaser who chased with 8T to my KT and we both river trips put in 3 bets and this time, he didn't have the 8 - I left after 100 minutes almost 3 bucks up - which is totaly insignificant except it represents a $30 downswing and recovery -

then I had to go to work - and the table was getting tough - chumps were leaving and the new guys would easily raise/reraise on the flop - I could see tough times ahead so I left 20 min. ahead of schedule -

but fuck....stupid fucking amateurs - LOL - raise with my A5, run into my KK, and call a flop bet to catch runner/runner A - numbnut fuckheads -



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