Friday, June 17, 2005

I should mention that thanks to old man virus and the warm weather, I did something yesterday I didn't plan on doing and almost never do -

I woke up 6 hrs. before work and decided to go catch Batman Begins -

It is everything the Batman mythos should be - a perfect capture of the "Legends of the Dark Knight" series and Batman: Year One - well, except for the love interest - but eh, Katie will work ok this time around.

I loved it - made me wanna jump off tall crap and drive badly again - LOL

That reminds me - Katie and Tom Cruise are getting married. He proposed apparently this morning - I am mildly creeped out by this, but if she's serious about that virginity pledge, then usually an engagement will get them to loosen up a bit...LOL -

Actually, it pisses me off to no end, not just because like all american males, I want Katie's because it sounds like Scientology is really getting their hooks into her....that cannot be good - it never is - here is your moment of Zen



At 10:07 PM, Blogger Ignatious said...

thx for the operation clambake reminder. awesome site.

time to go kill a few hours reading this crazy shit again.


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