Saturday, June 11, 2005

ok....I admit it

This song brought a smile to my face. Out of frustration from those CD's I talked about two posts below, and out of boredom, I threw in the American Anthology of Folk Music which I have ripped to mp3 files from 3CD's.

For those of you who don't know the anthology is a 6LP set of early songs collected by Harry Smith that provided the basis for so much music in the 60's that would become folk, then Rock - Bob Dylan/Steve Earle couldn't get enough of it and Bob covered a couple of the songs in the mid 90's - I load up the files and proceed to hit shuffle on the mp3 player and found this obscure song called Arcidan One-Step.

It reminds me of contemporary changes, and a bit like Paul Simon's Graceland, but it's from 1929

But in the Internet age, nothing remains hidden for long, and soon I'm finding 30 of his recordings on a box set entiled Early Cajun - 3 minutes later it's on my way from

We're so damn spoiled today with Google. - If I was a true purist, I'd be hunting record shops for weeks thru NYC - no way baby - I can stay here and play poker tourneys online and get my music to my door.

Oh yah, I tipped the scales at 209 pounds this afternoon when I woke up - that's the first time it hasn't been 21x since that time I got depressed and stopped eating for 4 days - LOL -

part of it is the cold, but I'm hoping part of it is my change in my diet.



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