Friday, June 10, 2005

well, let's see - what have I done in the last 12 hrs - I sure have been posting a hell of a lot - of course, I didn't go online all last week. Now that I've got a WPBT button, I'm in the club, babeee...

still sick - feeling it slightly - I should get a thermometer sometime and see how high my temp. goes - the body's temperature goes up as an attack on the virus - not instigated by the virus, per se, but by the body - the viruses usually only survive n a narrow temperature range, and a coulple additional degrees can kill the virus - isn't that cool? (well, that's what I've heard) -

I think my body must go into overdrive right away, cause I usually feel slightly lightheaded with a cold - probably doing myself brain damage - crap. And generally, I don't get sick - I did this to myself. But I'll come back strong soon.

I subscribed to Netflix - been meaning to do so for months - pick up Kagemunga and a couple other Kurosawa flicks - some Irish flicks, and my guilty pleasure - I've always wanted to watch Sex in the City - to figure out how women think - so I grabbed the first couple seasons. (my other guilty pleasure is Kristen Davis but I don't think she gets naked in these - LOL - I would be attracted to the wholesome brunette, wouldn't I....) - now I don't have to deal with the shame of going in the video store to rent them - heh.

died in a 10 min. rounds MTT after about 90 min. making a push with A7 suited in the BB and running into AJ offsuit limping UTG in early position - pulled up my TLB stats for the last yr. and found myself way the hell below where I should be - it's been a shitty yr. for tourneys compared to last year - really bad - I gotta figure out WTF I'm doing wrong and kick it up a notch. Even last yr. wasn't really stellar - I only made $240 on about 250+ tourneys that first 6 months - I mean, breaking even is cool, but come on - LOL -

to assist in this, I purchased Harrington on Holdem vol 1. last yr. and my ADHD kept me from finishing it from cover to cover, but vol 2. is coming out - so I'll start Vol 1. - AGAIN! and finish it - (if I was going to bars and drinking and reading, I'd get her done fast)

if I get a big win I gotta be sure to not waste it on the stupid ol' $215/100 tourneys - but conserve - this is the yr. we get profitable - although as it stands I'll be lucky to get back to 0 - I've been flucuating between $800 and $1400 down for some time - Vegas was a nice rebound, but I'm not putting expenses in the spreadsheet - just losses/profit - LOL - the fact it cost me $500 in travel to win $600 in poker is irrelevant. - that's a $600 profit - heh. Actually, my only real profit is in some 6/12 and 5/10 hands and the motherloving NL games where I play ubertight and double up with the nuts....I love it.

I'm actually starting to see comments/posts by other people in here - going to the WPBT might even garner me a couple links - wish I could have taken the week off and gone more apeshit, but with NYC coming up, and one already taken in Vegas and one in Montana, even I have a finite number of vacation days - 5 weeks to be sure is no laughing matter, but that puts me at about two weeks or 7 nights left.

what that also means is that I'm not going to the 2+2 gathering next week - ah well. They'll get by without me - the WPBT is one thing - the 2+2 thing, well, sheeit - if I gotta listen to those guys talk about how they're ALL profitable, I'll jump from the stratosphere.

Those of us who invested in gavin griffin got $15 bucks for his money finish in the Limit WSOP event. He's been busting real early though - sorta starting to feel glad I only put down $450 instead of the full $900 - that means I've made $7.50 - LOL

I think I had a couple other things but right now work calls - later



At 2:51 AM, Anonymous asia K said...

Hope you enjoy Kagemusha, and don't forget not all women are s&tc-ish :)

At 3:51 AM, Blogger whiskeytown said...

Kristen and the girls are so far down the list it'll probably be a year.

I also have Throne of Blood coming in this shipment - I've been excited to see that one for a while but never was able to find it -

truth be known, my sole purpose for Netflix is to find those obscure indie and foreign films I like - I don't need it for plain ol' box office stuff.

good way to ride out a cold.



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