Thursday, June 09, 2005

This thread has dug open some old wounds for me -

I'm trying to figure out why on the political boards this week, I just want to beat the fucking piss out of all these people slamming "Deep Throat" and what he did. To them, he's a traitor - boo hoo...Nixon was great - Deep Throat violated his oath - boo hoo.

There is a mindset out there that loyalty trumps everything - including honor and justice and righteousness - what fools. No one is worth that kind of loyalty - not on this planet today, anyways...

The reason that thread opened up something is I remember being in that world. - I remember people saying "to have a fulfilling Christian life, you need to read/pray/do this much per day" - If I had listened to all of them, I'd need 40 hrs. a day - LOL - it takes a while to flog yourself. There are people who's sole purpose in life is to get my attention and drag me back under their heel in the name of Jesus Christ. I need to be held accountable/charged/taken to task. I don't mind God humbling me, nor Jesus, but I'll be fucked up the ass if some 40 year old domineering jackass who can't go 5 minutes without telling his wife to shut up is gonna tell me my life is wrong.

And then I throw Gillian's song on there on repeat - and I keep hearing that one verse -

"Don't you know that it ain't a crime
Don't you know that it ain't a crime
If all the squares and the junkmen
Think you're out of line"

no, I guess it's not a crime, is it.....

took 5th in one SNG and died in the other - paid my expenses so I'm in a 10 buck speed MTT tourney (10 minute rounds - like a SNG) - I wanted 2K to go to NYC with in July, but I feel like going to the bank, depositing my BR, and making my credit card debt go away - it's $2500, and this $1000 and my next check could kill it totally - I racked it up when I was unemployed 2 yrs ago, but paid off my involuntary hospital bill first instead of this - and of course, it keeps taking small hits with the ol' trips to Vegas - no big deal - I think I'll be awake now till work. Whenever I slept, my sore throat got worse, but now a shot of dayquil and three hrs. up and it's gone - gotta love it.

Maybe I'll go to the store and buy about 20 Lean cusines and just eat them for about 5 days - (I gotta eat 3 or 4 of the bastards a day - they're so small) - I shaved yesterday and ol' chubby face is back - I didn't lose any weight this trip to Vegas either....LOL - I actually ate - too bad :)

and in conclusion, Iggy, if yer reading this, ya should have called - LOL - next time you come to Minneapolis, we'll hook up even if I gotta take off work.



At 4:09 PM, Blogger Ignatious said...

you got it. i was really looking forward to pounding some brews with you, damnit.

i'll be in mpls soon and you can give me a tour of canterbury. or your fave bar, your choice. :)

At 9:08 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Loyalty not loyalty

/spelling nazi

At 10:18 PM, Blogger whiskeytown said...

spelling corrected - :D



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