Monday, June 13, 2005

It's been raining like Tennessee, honey, so long
I got too heavy to fly

Ok....I'm officially pissed :( - and not in temp. drunk way,

Pocket A's snapped off twice in my last Pokerstars tourney....Retards making bad calls with the THIRD best hand and sucking out on me.

I can't sleep more then 4 hrs. at a stretch cause my throat gets too sore without fluids and swallowing. I've got mucus so goddamn yellow I could spit on a Red $5 poker chip and make it look like a $1000 chip.

and I'm starting to get that grumpy and pissed "I can't eat what I want" vibe starting - I want a bigass ol' box of greasy chicken or Totino's pizza, ....Rich sugary Coke-Cola and barbarque ribs...Meat Lover's Pizza and a big ass plate of Spaghetti.

It's the hot and humid weather here in MN - the kind that makes the rain come - and keeps the sun out but still keeps it hot and oppressive

EDIT: - and on something totally unrelated to myself - these fucking assholes are due for a good strike from God - Cheats 20000 pilots out of their pensions, but the CEO still gets the 1.5 mil he has coming cause it was "promised to him"

I'm about at the point where if the lower class took arms against all the moneychangers and fat cats and started the next American Revolution I'd be hard pressed to not side with them, even if I wasn't into killing for a better way of life -

good thing I'm not getting much human contact...I'm probably not fun to be around today.



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