Monday, June 13, 2005

wow....almost seamless -

so let's see - what are we doing now....LOL

went from a P3/600 to a AMD Thunderbird 1200 for 6 mos. (which died all the time and was crap) to my current P4 3.00 GHZ chip running on a Asus P52AD-Premium board - top of the line, supports RAID, Wireless LAN, and has onboard sound/networking, so only card I had to install was a video card, which was....

MSI NX6600 - a bit of a downer card, but I needed PCI express - it's better then what I had.

1024 MB RAM in two 512 DRAMS running Dual Channel - One NEC DVD-RW/CD-RW/CD-R burner - gotta get some stuff to use that - I have USB ports in front so now my USB keychain can be plugged in easy as opposed to behind the stupid box - I also have audio inputs on the front of it.

XP with Service Pack 2/Zonealarm/Ad-Aware/Spybot - (that'll keep those sons of bitches out of my machine) -

Firefox/Thunderbird surfing/mail suite - trying to wean myself off the issues MS products have - also using Openoffice 1.4 instead of downloading my old copy of Office - If I need it, I have a laptop with Word/Excel/Outlook on them.

My one issue right now, couldn't transfer Mails/addresses from Outlook to Thunderbird, but at this point, I know most of those folks, and if I have to, I know I can get outlook, install it, and copy the PST files over - no big deal - just not doing it right now...

and a new used keyboard - one I salvaged - sits up higher, and less sticky/dirty with food.

Oh yah....whiskey likey....



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