Tuesday, June 21, 2005

oops - drunk post - DELETED - LOL - didn't realize I was in that bad of a mood at 2:30 - sheeeit.

I have at least 7 posts in my mailbox saying they need my account info for Marshall and IIsley -

hard to believe this crap still works - unreal - I don't even know who they are - I would consider making something up - but I'm scared if I even click on the link to make fake shit up that activex will get into my box and screw with things-

It's Tuesday - Pocket A's always win on Tues. at Canterbury till 6pm - (If they lose, you get 75 bucks) - but I want 6/12, so at that limit, one has to play the hand for the money - cause at Canterbury, a 6/12 pot can almost exceed 75 bucks -



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