Saturday, June 18, 2005

he wants to do it....can whiskeytown make an irreverant uberpost as he used to do in the good ol days.....does he still have the mojo or has cynicism and world weariness taken it from him....


(think Masters of the Universe, He Man shouting - BY THE POWER OF GREYSKULL - and then just stretch it out to WHISKEY - I even have some swords I can stick in the air....) - Speaking of which, my favorite intro was always on Pokerstars...

back in the good old days, when tourney fields were smaller, I saw a lot of the same players every night and we had fun - Krazy Kanuck used to find me and he'd start with the line "Won't you take me to" followed by "whiskeytown" - a play off funkytown. (someday, Ryan Adams is either gonna sue my ass or give me an annoying drunk phone call bitching about borrowing his old band name for my online poker moniker - ah well.) -

I haven't done one of these work uberblog posts for awhile - quite frankly, we're too busy and they moved a coworker so that he can turn around and see what I'm doing and that pisses me off - but it's 5am, things are quiet, and he's snoozing - LOL

Poker...Poker...what the fuck am I playing poker for - did a couple NL tables today on Doyle's Room - didn't do so hot - died on one table to a moron with a flush draw and only won 10 bucks on the other one - almost made my losses back on the other table but did the ol' QQ into AA challenge and lost - no biggie.

Gotta read all of Harrington on Holdem if possible- I feel like playing in Sunday's $400 NL Canterbury tourney - it's not the biggest crapshoot in the world, and it's good money and doesn't sell out - we'll see how it goes. I tend to get plastered on Sat. night usually, so I'll have to hold back. Never have placed in a Canterbury NL event, and my live NL games were few and far between until my Vegas trips - then I did ok at Imperial Palace but that's it....

Felicia was to have played in the Stud Hi/Lo event at the WSOP - god bless her, but even before I read her report, I knew one of the first words out of her mouth would be "crapshoot" - LOL - but maybe not the greatest structure for the stud 8 event. She's helping out a fellow blogger by talking to a few great poker players while another person slowly takes a beating from Cancer. She's trying something experimental called breast milk theapry - good luck with that...

Speaking of which, we lost Karl Mueller today to throat cancer at 41. To the vast majority of you, it's karl who? - but to those of us from Minnepolis, Karl was the bass player for Soul Asylum and one of the main lynchpins of what was the Minneapolis Music Scene. I met Dave Pirner about a month ago at Applebee's and I was sorta under the impression that Karl was doing ok - but I guess not...I still remember loving the way the bass line went up at the end of Misery and realizing how crucial it was to music. (most of my life, I listened to music on dogshit speakers with no bass) - In the mid 90's, though, I wanted to be Soul Asylum. Had the long hair, the ripped jeans, the fuzz amp, and the Les Paul - it was a good time - when you weren't too old still to rock and roll - now I need a shelf to hang the gut on when playing....

how about some quickies....


my sudden weight loss of last week is slowly reversing - thanks to a week of "I don't give a shit" eating - back to 212 - probably 213 after a Domino's Sausage Lover's Pizza....

In retrospect a lot of the weight loss can be blamed on me shaving the beard - LOL -got tired of it - but unlike the hair on my head which goes grey and thins out, this will grow back in 3 weeks time the moment I want it, so no worries there.


My friend Bill Mallonee is broker then hell again and trying to sell two amps - I am not sure if I want to buy one or not - One is a early 90's VOX AC30, the other is a mid/late 90's Fender Twin - both slightly overpriced for history's sake, but both have carrying cases and I can do an installment plan of 2-3 months. but then that last one I bought from him fizzled out after two hrs. and took 200 bucks in repairs to get back to golden - so I just don't know.

My whole band feels like it's on life support - the will to live is there, but not to get out of the hospital bed - we've had to cancel a few practices cause one person can't make it, we have no gigs, and literally, almost no will - Half the band is in relationships and have lives outside the band that need tending, 1/4th is in one that needs a lot of work and is stretching him thin, and well, I'm just not giving a fuck about hounding everyone, but I have no life without the band - LOL. In fact, virtually every woman I've met the last two yrs. that I dated I met while playing music - LOL. And of course, she had the good graces to hit on me cause I'm a gutless wonder - well done.

Without music, I'm just a failed poker player and a middle class guy with a nice computer and big TV, but nothing else - I need that outlet....somehow.

My family is slowly decending into madness - someday there's gonna be some real bad blood where there once was none, and it really pisses me off, but I'm going to insulate them from this world - I hate bringing work or family into this thing - but it kills me to see conflict developing between people I really love - but I can't do a damned thing about it out here, and maybe that's for the best.


Played the hell out of Starfleet Command 3 with the Mod - Generations at War. This was something I could never do on the old box due to Win98 mem. leaks -but now no issues. Speaking of issues, I tend to lose DNS connectivity if I don't use it for a few hrs and have to restart - not happy about that - it happens whether or not I engage the internet lock, so I've been doing it anyways. - for those of you not in the know, that keeps all traffic off my PC - I'm pretty paranoid about XP - it's too damned easy to control with bots/trojans -


2+2 get-together this weekend in Vegas - I'm not going - it'll be over by Sun. and I'm sick of flying and I'll be in NYC next month and want to save some money. Besides, Drunk Magoo poker isn't my thing - the WPBT, on the other hand, well, they're more my peers - drunk alcoholics who can't play for shit sober - LOL - j/k - they can't play for shit drunk either - but they hold their booze a lot better then I can.

I traded a few posts with NJChick (who reads this blog - howdy) - and I'm glad to see I'm not the only one sick of how 2+2 has become the forum for bonus whoring and Pokertracker maximizing -


The new running joke on is that Lindsey Lohan is Skeletor and is taking a break from fighting He-Man - I once thought she was the hottest, albeit barely legal female on the planet, what with the augmented body and that flaming red hair - now I'm just like, ew.... - I might consider sleeping with it, but I'd be thinking about someone else now - LOL - (ok, no I probably wouldn't, but if I were, I'd want one of her old pictures taped to the headboard) -


Gavin Griffin has kept those of us in the investment community informed of his success or lack thereof - He was 4 from the money in the WSOP 5K event - bummer - but it's hurting him a lot worse then it's hurting me, so I'm hoping for better things, but man, am I glad I cut my losses to $450 instead of the $900 those guys put in who bought a full percent.


we need positive vibs for Iggy - his sister in law passed away for no reason on Thursday - terrible when it happens to someone so young and about ready to get married with her whole life ahead of her - Me, I'll live till I'm as old and crusty as coral, but the good die young.


and one final fuckup note - I have this little thing worked out between my parents, who divorced when I was 5 - Mom calls me and reminds me of Dad's Birthday, and Dad calls and reminds me of Mom's - he forgot to call and I missed it - I'm a terrible, terrible son - no doubt about it.


was reading on a blog talking about what the pros have on the Ipod - (I think Paulies) - Clonie Gowan was using an Ipod borrowed from her boyfriend. Seeing as how I thought I read where she was married with kids I can only assume the professional poker world has doomed another marriage and subjected another woman to the onslaught of sweaty fat pigs wanting to lay down a flush to her for a chance at a piece of ass - good luck with that, guys...


Was it as good for you as it was for me? - LOL - I enjoyed it - and 30 minutes to go till this version of the Work day is done - it's a 4 day week for me, so 3 down, 1 to go -




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Save Lindsay before save Katie!!


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