Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Billy Corgan released his first solo album on Tues -

I loved the Smashing Pumpkins, read Billy's guitar lessons in Guitar Player magazine, and used to pump "Mellon Collie" up at full blast from a 120 min. cassette in a boom box in my room where I worked as a printer. I cranked fuzz, listened to the dynamics, and just generally was a mega fan with the CD's, although I didn't get a lot of the history/backstory on the band. I bought Ava Adore, downloaded the tracks for that followup to their last album, and have tried to get into his stuff whenever I could. I had no problems hanging out in the netherworld of the outfield where they were, though sometimes the curve into right field stranded me at center, too far away to catch some pop fly balls, whereas other ones that came easily to me like "Today" or "Spaceboy" I snagged no sweat.

Billy has now been posting "confessions" or an autobiograpy of sorts in segments on his website - it's brutally sensitive, but very cool - Apparently guys don't like it, but it shouldn't be no surprise to anyone who reads here that it wouldn't bother me in the least. A couple stories (like living in his practice space) I totally understand....LOL - I wish I had the dedication he had to music back then -

I'm gonna post a link to it here - it's not poker, but it's something I want to read, so it's being added - it's my goddman blog - damnit.



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