Sunday, June 26, 2005

I'm real busy this week - but now's as good a time as any to reannounce the start of the (drum roll please)


Yes, it's that time where I look at the red columns on my spread sheet, get pissed, and decide to play only the games I'm negative in until I get them into positive territory.

Last yr, I was under a bit of pressure - (6 weeks) - and I gambled too much trying to make up my losses - this year I have more time to kill - and my games are a lot different - Last year I didn't have red ink in Tourneys - thanks to that $540/130 stint at Bellagio, I'm down much further then usual - $1200 bucks -

Here's what I need to wipe out still (took care of NL SNG's, $.50/1 Limit games and the 0.02/0.04 NL already - they were really close to even.)

Limit games -

1/2 $73
2/4 $327
3/6 $241
4/8 $46

(my 5/10 and 6/12 are +EV right now - so no more of them - EXCEPT 6/12 at Canterbury which is too juicy to pass up) -


No Limit $1,223
Pot Limit $54
Limit $162
Satelite $130

terrible results here this year - atrocious - though a couple final tables last night after a night of moderate drinking took $100 off it

NL games -

NL 0.10/0.25 $31
NL 0.50/1 $71

I've got columns under NL that are +$600 from Vegas - these are just little games I probably played, lost, and never went back to - this should be easy to get rid of -

SO, there you have it - the red ink - I've wiped out 3 columns already - (they were all under 20 bucks or were BARELY unprofitable like SNG's where I've improved a lot but had to make up for the first 3 months where I sucked) - by focusing on these games, and going over ground, I hope to bring them back up to A game status.



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