Thursday, June 23, 2005

mother of god - I'm bitter - LOL

just read my last post proofreading - such bitter bile and hate filled rhethoric - actually the last couple days have been like that - anger seething out over bad beats and stupid players who make the wrong plays and knock me off monster pots, and both times, I actually left UP for the night - LOL

I'm like AlCantHang - I just really dislike stupid people - we need a massive proof of Darwin's Theory to knock down about 200 mil. people - this would be good -

believe it or not, I'm mostly a nice guy - Never ever hit a woman (a girl in 5th grade maybe) - almost never blow up or shout my ass off - I just seem to have a few issues with bad beats - - I need someone to soothe me when the bad beats come and say they're all right -

For the time being, I am kicking up my dosage of slow airs and Irish/celtic music - that'll help a bit -



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