Friday, June 24, 2005

somedays I just want to kill these ignorant fucks -

Whiskeytown limps in a 5 handed pot with A3 Hearts in MP

flop comes K74 hearts - I bet knowing I'll get 3 callers - normally I wouldn't flopping the nuts, but trust me, they'll call

turn 7 clubs - bet, raise/reraise - 3 bets on turn

river A diamonds - bet/raise - chump turns over A7 for a runner runner boat - no flush draw - just a pair of 7's on a monotone board that he went runner runner to hit -

I think Bender had the right idea - Kill all Humans..

I kid you not, I better be careful - I'm gonna go out one night, get drunk, come home - pass out, and wake up in the morning and find the headline on the website has changed to

"All dumbfucks who call with any two suited (and go runner runner) must die" -

I ended up leaving 5 bucks down when I raised with JJ and got heads up against J4 suited - you can guess how that fucker ended. - although as usual, I actually ended up for the session - (up 10 bucks on the other table) - wiped out a red column on .5/$1

Maybe I will stop playing on Doyle's Room - or stop playing for a week - - my anger levels are getting to be a bit too heavy....



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