Wednesday, June 29, 2005

well, I'm sure Asia K will be happy to note that I have deposited money at Gamesgrid, and listed her as a referer - I think that gives her a kickback on the rake, or maybe not, since she's an employee - LOL

I'm curious to see how quickly I can clear this 1000% bonus (no shit - I'm in shock) - but as soon as I get the money in there, the site appeared to start disconnecting everyone on a regular basis - LOL

ah well, I need a nap anyways - maybe it'll stablize in a couple hrs - I may take Wed. off next week too - I don't like the 4 day work weeks and after studying my brains out this week, I deserve one - LOL



At 5:36 AM, Anonymous aK said...

Getting a mention on your blog curls my toes more than the referral, thanks :) Check out my new post about it. Hope the server update after the glitchy nite is keeping you connected still; feel free to email me too if not (or so) :) There's an email icon on my page somewhere...



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