Tuesday, June 28, 2005

ok, so in retrospect, if I scheduled a Cisco Exam on Tuesday, it MAY not be in my best interests to go out 3 nights and drink followed by two nights where I'd go to Canterbury Park and gamble till daylight -

both times I went with friends who drove, and this morning, his radiator hose cracked near Savage - so I got home 2 hrs later then usual to not nearly the amount of sleep I should have -

I decided to sleep for an extra hr. instead of reviewing my practice questions one more time, cause I can't study for shit when tired anyways -

and I get there, and get in and take the exam after living a week of being the degenerate alcoholic gambler/womanizer I am. (or rather would like to be in the case of womanizing) -

If there was any justice in this world, as some define justice (which includes leveling David Souter's house for a new hotel) - , I'd have failed and left with my tail between my legs, curled up on the couch and cried for a wasted effort and $125 down the drain. (well, not my $125, but you get the idea)

But there is no justice in the world - and I'm living proof - and I made the CCNA my bitch, baby - and I smacked it around like a fresh fish in the State Penn, and now it's doing my laundry for me and giving me oral at nights - -

One less HEAVY thing on my plate this yr.....yah baby.



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