Monday, June 27, 2005

in the midst of last night's activities I actually made it out to Canterbury for 3 hrs - I had a friend who wanted to play live and see what it felt like, so we went out and played 3/6 -

I won 27 bucks, but it was interesting - It's been a LONG time (like over a year) since I lost with a flopped set to a higher flopped set -

also a long time since I lost with QQ to KK and AA - all preflop hands - LOL -

could have won some big pots in short order otherwise - :)

and believe it or not, there's been a lot of negative energy used on the Whiskeytown Poker Tour - seems a few 2+2'ers think it's a waste and negative EV - they could be right - maybe I'll let it go - I dunno -

I'll do some CCNA studying, and then back out to Canterbury for some late night poker - and tomorrow we take the mother of all networking certification exams - yeesh -



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