Friday, August 24, 2007

I sorta feel trapped in a Hunter S Thompson loop - sleeping 3 hrs, up 24, sleep 11, up 12, sleep 3, back to 24 again - bastards -

had a dream in the latest 2.5 hr jaunt where I was a catcher on a baseball field - but there were no batters - just the pitch and then the catcher's job to field the ball to wherever the runners where - except the catcher lost all motor skills in his right arm and when push came to shove couldn't even open the catcher's mitt with his left - a strong psychologist would tell me I have a fear of failure - but one that got her degree and never used would probably tell me I'm an abomination.

Abominations seem cute cause they appeal to our outsider and underdog sympathies, but once folks get used to them, they revert back to their namesakes - abominations never go to the cool parties but they are the life of the dive bar.

random thought - Time in jail is the new pantyless crotch shot - discuss.

Mother Teresa was haunted for 40+ years by the silence of God in her life - one of the most spiritual people in the world and all she could do was get used to the maddening deafness - - good - now I have something to look forward to - canonization to follow.

Man I wish I was drunk, or high, or sleeping.



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