Monday, May 14, 2007

busted out in 5th in the riverchasers/blogger tourney - 4 pays - I pretty much made a bad tilt - I have a habit of getting too loose/aggressive in the bubble, believing I don't want to play just to make the money, but to win.

That's fine, but then play to win, don't bluff the chip leader with 6 times the bb with 89 suited - esp. when two other players are seated to his right and have their own problems - ah well

then I found an online chump at Pokerstars - he insisted he was a pro -

first sign of an amateur - berating other players for their play.
second sign of an amateur - no wins under his pokerdb profile.

BUT he has several profiles (he said) which he uses and he has a lot of wins on those and he plays for a living at online and casinos -

meaning he's either a cheat or a liar - super doper for both -

he got lucky and flopped two pair vs. another lower two pair on a 6 high board - he might actually get his first cash tonight -

oh yah - third sign of an amateur - follows you from table to table as you play so he can keep telling you how good he is on his other profiles, which he won't reveal the names of, undoubtly because he plays multiple tables with them.

Il est un dumbfuck


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