Wednesday, May 02, 2007

played poker this week at a casino in Jackson, CA - an hr or two of Limit, about 4 hrs of bingo, and an hr. of NL -

twice flopped two pair to my opponent's straight - once I was smart enough to get away after only losing 16 bucks when I correctly put him on 9/10 to a 78J flop - 2nd time my opponent had 47 on a 568 flp - didn't get as good a read on that one - LOL

everyone was a pro - everyone had played 60/120 or something at Commerce - everyone had game, lip smack and attitude - except one guy who turned over pocket 4's with 2 pairs on the board - then after winning a bunch he took a lot of winnings off the table for a satellite -

and some 18+ player was laughing at how he snapped my Q's with A8 - no biggie -

but truth be told, I'm thinking I'd rather play bingo for a while



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