Thursday, April 19, 2007

so the kid that did the shootings at VA tech is all over TV/news/internet - he decided to leave a visual document of himself in between shootings -

I haven't seen it - I won't watch it - ever -

screw him - I am reminded of Clint Eastwood's "In the Line of Fire" where John Malkovich's character leaves a monologue on Clint's answering machine after the two have met and Clint snuffed his ass - they walk out leaving it playing -

the document is meant to serve as justification? as penance for killing 32 people? - to serve to make him a star and hero in the eyes of other kids who are feeling sorry for themselves? -

I was picked on and a loner too - even had access to weapons - but nothing excuses what he did, and like a terrorist, he feels that his acts are so hideous that his statements therefore will have merit. (in the same way, the PLA gained legitimacy after the Munich Olympic killings in 1972) -

but he gets none from me - and I certainly won't join the throngs seeking to get inside his mind - he had chances, they tried to help him - forget him - I don't even want to know his name - he is faceless - like a hand I mucked I no longer remember.

I think the news networks should have refrained from broadcasting his manifestos - I think they should have turned that over to the cops and let it die - erase him from our memory and find something else to talk about on the news - there is no healing from 24/7 news coverage, just milking survivors for ratings so they can sell commercial time at a higher revenue -




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