Saturday, April 07, 2007

I only played out at Canterbury once last week - took down $180 in 45 minutes at 4/8, had my table bust up, got up to 300 and back and left up $220 after 3 hrs - that works :) - took a bad beat and just felt like taking off 200 bucks up and half my night still free.

I wish I could say it's my skill level at live poker that's making the Canterbury games so beatable, but it's not - it's the suckiness of the the Canterbury Poker player. Though I like to hope my concentration on the game helps a bit -

As many have said, Canterbury is the only place where the locals are worse then the tourists - 7 years, and you'd think we still wouldn't be having discussions about the juicest game in town, but there it is. anything up to 8/16 is like blowing fish away with dynamite -

but I tell you what - when that 3rd card of one suit hits the river, get ready to see an 84 suited flush drag the pot - I never even bet anymore when that 3rd card comes - someone was always drawing to it.

I have tried time and time again to get friend and acquaintence to come out and play just to get a feel for how bad it truly is - but alas - no takers yet - maybe as it gets away from winter - chickens.

I have a friend playing a gig in Cedar Rapids, IA - whenever I make a road trip to see him (last time was Des Moines - blogged about it a year ago) - I have a habit of hitting the local card room wherever I can find it - those little out of the way Indian Casinos have games that are only slightly less dangerous then Canterbury -

There is only really one room that's a decent distance between Mpls and Cedar Rapids - if I go almost all the way to Des Moines and cut across, it's about 60 miles west of my target destination

it's name is Meskwaki - sounds like a nice fishing hole actually

I've been in the house too long :) - time to go inflict some wealth redistribution -



At 1:00 PM, Blogger Drizztdj said...

If you want to give your NL game a try, I'd suggest Turtle Lake.

Played with a guy in Vegas from Champlin last week, said there's money for the taking across the border.


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