Tuesday, March 27, 2007

over the last couple nights, after spending time outside in the sun, I have gone stir crazy inside the house and have run out to Canterbury from 2200-0500 or so to play in the $100000 bad beat jackpot on the graveyard shift and just generally take money from the worst players on earth. Played phen. cards on Monday and took home 12 bucks - last night was a little better - tripled my buyin on 3/6 - :)

It's a minefield - some real good players interspaced out with the chumps - I spotted one when he cracked me with 10/6 offsuit, though he talked a good game - but he left with one stack - but a lot of times he said things like pot odds and "they were suited"

met a Palestinian who seemed nice and was all about it being only money, but when he lost he stopped saying that - and that he was never coming back and that he drove a 50K car - I got nothing against the guy though - I'd take him at my table every day of the week and twice on Tuesday. He dropped 84K at Mystic Lake in '96, he said.

Afterwards, our dealer, one of the more attractive dealers at Canterbury, pointed out that she wouldn't be booking a trip to Palestine anytime soon after that guy - either she is slightly ignorant of their plight in Gaza/West Bank or she just tried to be funny and couldn't cut it - but her unintentionally humorous statement and perfume made me smile -

One woman came to our table who bought in for $180, dropped 100 right off the bat - had a sleeveless top and leg warmers that came up to her knees - I say this cause she had two giant holes ripped in the legs of her jeans about mid knee running up about 15 inches - I think she was a dancer or something and someone told her to dress trashy to win - and in fact, she said she did win two SNG's that day, or so she said.

Everyone had a rap - everyone had the trash talk - almost more trash talk then on televised Wrestling - everyone had the game and the win from the previous table or earlier that day/week - one guy had the hoodie - another guy had the shades and the slow raise/angle play - and this is just 3/6 -

I had the headphones and IPod - :) - but I've been going out in an attempt to be sociable again - otherwise I just suck at such a task - I have truly heard it all and am almost never impressed anymore - except when I saw 72 offsuit beaten by 83 offsuit - (8 high) - that was impressive as hell -

I'm just there to eat food, drink water, and play cards - but at my core, I'm sorta back to where I was 7 years ago, playing 3/6 more for the social aspects - and cards I did play - even picked up the old "look away when checking" tell that showed me a flush - too bad I wasn't gonna bet my crap hand anyways :)

truth is, I just needed to do something with other people again - been in the wilderness for too long - and if I can walk in there with that mindset, my winning becomes a little easier again.

I have been dying of thirst in sight of water for some time now - I finally caught a few drops last night - gotta stay up late tonight too - maybe I'll catch a 2nd one -



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