Sunday, March 25, 2007

"all the federalies say, we could have had him any day
we only let him slip away, out of kindness I suppose"

hands down favorite chorus of all time - esp. in harmony.

the last couple weeks have actually been kinda rough, but the focus was outside my immediate circle of discussion, so I will not give specifics except I didn't take 1/20th the blow some folks did, but it brought back raw nerves that haven't been touched in awhile, like a sore muscle after taking your first mile-long walk in spring.

speaking of which, I did check out the neighborhood - good place - damn kids everywhere and I saw one little bastard trying to pick the door of what I think was his Dad's car door with a piece of wire - that never works but I didn't say anything - LOL

walked down to where movies and coffee are - (about 10 blocks as the crow flies) and 8 over the other way to Chinese - (not great lo mein but GREAT fried rice), but actually, each block is half as long as it is wide - so essentially 5 blocks worth - then I just soaked my face in the sun a while.

been listening to music I stopped listening to after a burnout phase - mostly songs I printed the lyrics into here - but also some classic Neil Young from my College days - (when I was only 20 yrs behind the curve - LOL) - while playing yet AGAIN my last satellite token - :)

I tore thru the Townes Van Zandt biography by John Knuth last week in my off time - No one makes you feel like giving up the songwriter dream like Townes - LOL - I wonder how his friends put up with him so much sometimes, but he was the kid everyone loved.

that may be the first complete book I've read in about a month, actually -

I feel like I'm just trying to get blinded into the money - and I'm tired of not getting paid, so I feel justified in my mind of just sitting out and waiting for the start of the payout once that last chump bubbles out - and I'm hoping I'm not the bubble.

but someone busted out before the money - someone I wasn't ready to see bust out yet, just like Poncho.

And I slipped away like Lefty.

even with the rain, I'm ready for spring. beyond ready for it - been waiting for years, actually.



At 12:57 PM, Blogger ambient light said...

Son Volt is on tour. I just saw their kick off last night. They have Jeff Ingram's old guitarist Chris Masterson and I tell you what, that kid can play. Jay was his usual self, concentrating hard or something. If they come anywhere near you go see them! Also did you know there's a town called Whiskeytown in California, near Mt. Shasta.

Now I know nothing about poker, but when I did a search for lyrics your blog came up. Ain't the web grand :)


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