Monday, February 12, 2007

grr - there is no easier fish pond left then the 11.70 shootouts on Pokerstars, but even there I bubble - not before finding a blog fan though - guess that's worth 11.70 - grrrr...

at least I got the short stack in with the worst hand once or twice - just couldn't win my 2-1 favorites and couldn't suck out in retrospect with a 3 outer -


saw most of the Grammies last night - listened only for the Police - everyone's slightly aged - older, greyer, but the sound was as good as ever - kickass greatest 3 piece in existance -

and Stewart finally got a headset mic for his BGV's - after that lameass SM58 in 1983 - LOL - well done....

and they friggen opened with Roxanne - I love it - :)


watched Shakira dance - that was good - will have to find it again online and turn the sound down - some annoying jackass was singing while she was dancing, man...


Dixie Chicks got some validation, though one would think all the recent reports of premanfactured war evidence would have gotten them that.

just remember - there are at least 33% of the people in this country that will never admit they were wrong - bad bad juju there.

I did buy the Dixie Chicks album last year on Itunes though - so that makes me a pioneer again - LOL - It's nice to be ahead of the curve on a few things -


saw James Blunt - liked him better the first time when he was Nick Drake.


Smokey Robinson - love ya - love the voice - leave the plastic surgery and botox alone - as one friend (at who's house I was mooching the broadcast) ,there was a very strange irony to him singing "take a good look at my face" - only to see no expression there whatsoever - and what you did see looked a little surprised to be there to say the least.

but I love ya Smokey - I second that emotion - but it's ok to get old, brother.




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