Saturday, February 10, 2007

sometimes I can think back to a point in a relationship - maybe it was just starting - maybe it was progressing -

I can just think on one point - and on that point there is somewhere in the conversation where I say something that's supposed to be funny and it's not - and then the whole mood dies - heh -

I had to fight tooth and nail to keep things straight with one girl I emailed all the time - or I can think of a point in a conversation where I generally just blow my toe off - or leave a grumpy voice mail - or an email -

I have dry and stupid and irreverant humor - but I can barely get British humor - sometimes I like it - I forget to leave the personality on 24/7 and sometimes I just have to remember to keep the voices in my head sometimes - no need for them all to spill out into the great internet and beyond - it'll be better to leave no evidence for the secret tribunals :)


I keep coming back to the $10 tourneys - trying to break a bad streak - ugh - I had a questionable bubble - $8.80 rebuy where 135 pays --- got AK with 137 left but I was 100th out of 137 - I mean, AK offsuit?

logic says wait 3 hands - that many getting paid will mean you'll get to the money in no time - if I could ever get past that money point again, then the game feels more natural to me again - up to that point I'm on pins and needles making bad judgements in bubble territory.

I just seem the need to gamble with big hands on the bubble to prove I'm not scared of busting out before the money - but I really miss winning, and it seemed once I got past that stress point my A game would open up again - but without chips, no one wins - but AK offsuit vs a raise/reraise with one stack shorter then you? -

QQ held his ground.


ps - until further notice Barack Obama will have my 2008 Democratic endorsement :) - let's get the political season started early - I've got nothing going on this valentine's day :)


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