Saturday, January 13, 2007

twice this week I've been ON the wire - down to my last $15 or $20 in a SNG or a Razz tourney and twice come back - (actually, that was a 45 player SNG) -

slumming right now trying to rebuild my 2 buck bankroll on another site - in a PL .10 cent game I got AA the first hand and doubled up off KK -

I have been banned for 24 hrs from 2+2 for personal attacks/trolling in the Politics Forum - at last I am a man - I don't know if it was this gem but I hope so -

upon hearing claims by a troll of "smelling corrpution"


You couldn't smell corruption if it was a powdery line on a mirror in front of you and you sucked it into your nostrils with a $100 bill. phulueese.



I find insults based upon the percieved behavior of this president are the most fun when dealing with trolls -


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