Sunday, January 07, 2007

I just took two 2nds in two SNG's - a $25 Turbo NL Holdem and a $22 HORSE -

I shoulda had first in the HORSE one - I felt like I was playing a bot - got way ahead with a flush in the Stud stages and then lost to a constant stream of two pairs on 6th and 7th st.

still - means I can play poker right? - the only way this game will stay interesting for me is to do like Felicia and branch out - my study has been limited but the core tactics (aggression when you have a hand - selective bluffing) -

once got a full house on 5th st in Razz - impressive but had to lay it down - LOL

good times - playing poker in the warmth and comfort of one's own home - let us hope we can continue to do so in our enjoyable times -

this almost feels like a better and purer form of the game to me - but mostly I just don't like Live's ambience that much lately -

that and an ugly zit on my forehead - I'm shy -

but not too shy to post a picture of me on vacation -

I'm going Jim Morrison/Unabomber - this way when I say stuff folks will believe I'm serious - LOL

I should put that on an online personal ad - LOL - whadda backdrop - he's 20 feet tall and looks like he's about to pummel me but it's 2.5 megs - ;) - I'll spare ya that



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