Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I can get no rest

Pat Robertson predicts attacks in 2007

Pat Robertson predicts a year of terror attacks - he'll be more disappointed if it doesn't come true then he will be if thousands die, I suspect. But that misses the more obvious point. Predicting violence coming down upon the head of the United States is like predicting bees will sting you after you've been chucking rocks at the hive - this government's policies have, by extension, made us less safe - and by extension, a prediction of more violence is +EV if the bet were taken in a Vegas Casino, N'est Ce Pas? - that is what the evidence is showing us.

Lord if you're talking to Pat - give him something more specific we can use - make him stop the sun or start a bush on fire with his mind or something - cause I can't eat this shit sandwich.

Pat urges prayer to avoid many many dead, but have you always noticed when they ask for prayer, they also get the donation request in there?

I hear stories of the Christian church in China asking folks to pray for them - they want nothing else, no financial gifts or support - they say no - just pray - that's faith -- I will look forward to meeting my Chinese brothers and sisters in Christ someday.

but for now, here's my prediction - they will blame the democrats and the left for every failure they've racked up the last 6 years.

so Pat predicts war - I don't need to - I'll take the other side and predict peace -

so let's see, scapgoating left over the right, check - peace over war, check -

I pray we all have that moment of clairity where we are maybe seeing something unfold and we see it repeating the endless pattern that we may recognize from a high school teacher - and I pray that we have enough gall left over to stick a pipe in the spokes of whatever forces God would be pleased to see take a spill on the face.

another 50/50 - justice or mercy - hmmmm....

I don't feel any better now that Saddam is dead - think I'll pray for mercy this year.



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