Thursday, November 23, 2006

Thanksgiving - happy - that sort of thing -

had dinner with a couple friends tonight - always feel guilty crashing those sort of meals, but it was supposed to be a low stress chinese dinner and he went out of his way to make traditional turkey - good stuff.

Sometimes I wonder how madness starts - clearly you don't go doing things like the mad hatter - it must start slowly and simply - like you think God wants you to sell 25 million copies of the darkest and loneliest piece of music on the planet - you then create said music with that goal in mind - then you start talking to yourself about losing faith - LOL -

I'm in a dark period - but 3-4 weeks and a house will be purchased, work will feel more stable, and I'll be in the sun again -

on 2+2 I have laid myself down at the alter of Other Other Topics - OOT - and begged to be put head to head in OOT survivor vs an idiot - he'll probably win - which means I'll be banned from OOT -

sorta like being told you're too smart for Sesame Street and you've got to move up to the Electric Company - LOL -

no loss whatsoever - just time for change. Been thinking a lot about NYC again - if access to the clubs were more open - LOL - well, maybe I can go check out the town again anyways -

but first is Disneyland - next week - hoo boy.



At 5:37 PM, Blogger sierrajuliettromeo said...

speaking of the electric company, i bought a DVD of the Best of EC recently, and i thought it was funny to see bill cosby smoking a cigar in one of the skits and another skit w/ a bunch of sexual innuendos. i guess it is a knotch above sesame street.

hope you're well and staying warm.

sarah in chicago

p.s. have you checked out sufjan stevens's christmas box set? good stuff...


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