Sunday, February 04, 2007

actually, my favorite part about HORSE is Razz - it may have the potential to be my favorite game - I can see why Grandpa made it a big part of his game

rereading felicialee's posts on razz - (google Felicialee and Razz) gives you some good strategy - I'm sure a book will soon be out again -

I'm so sick of turning on late night TV and seeing poker everywhere televised - LOL - sorry - I just am.

I wanna stay at home and dominate online -

I say this as I drop a $90 pot to a guy who started with A25 just like me - got it capped every street -

I picked up a 3, K, and 2 Q's to make it the most expensive Razz hand ever lost on my account -

screw razz :)



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