Saturday, January 13, 2007

as many folks are aware, a new carrier group was dispatched to the Persian Gulf region - (John C. Stennis) -

this is nothing new - we always have one aircraft carrier group in the region - now we have two.

Did you guys know a Carrier can only really launch twelve hours of sustained operations? - Instead of withdrawing the other Carrier there (which is slated to leave at the end of March) - the two Carriers will be stationed together -

this will allow the US 24/7 air support - I'm also hearing rumors of Patriot missile batteries being set up in Iraq - which is hilarious considering how many Scuds the insurgents have.

Nope - we're on our way, kiddies - having pissed off 1/2 of the Muslim world, we're well on our way to pissing off another good chunk of it as we prepare Military strikes that will destroy Iran's nuclear enrichment capabilities for now.

If Iran wasn't developing a nuke before, they will after we're done - in fact, I don't see how this can be taken by the Iranians as anything but a Declaration of War, as insulting to them as Pearl Harbor and 9/11 was to us, since GWB will give NO warning before the strike, unlike Iraq where he made bleating noise for a yr. before 9/11 about attacking them.

great stuff here at - the Iranian timeline - and given GWB's recent reference to taking action against Iran and Congress's insistence that the Iraqi resolution doesn't cover war against Iran, you're likely to see things on the hill REALLY heat up over this unauthorized warlike action on the part of the President which is imminent, IMHO.

But at the end of the day Americans know they were lied to the first time, and anyone who supports this President will be guilty by association - so we might even have a filibuster-proof majority by 2008 -

it won't be worth the lives of the American boys GWB will throw into the meat grinder - but it will be necessary to bring them home, apparently, since this President is unwilling to withdraw from Iraq until an offical Iraqi Government has signed over 75% of Iraqi's oil profits.

For what it's worth, after the surge fails to quell the insurgency, I don't believe the US troops will pull out but will be redeployed to protect the financial interests of BP, Shell Oil, and everyone salviating at the windfall they'll reap from the oil stolen from the Iraqi's - In fact, I doubt they'll even care if the Iraqi Government is sustainable after that - once they've got the signatures they need, they'll have no need for an Iraqi governement. The surge is to keep trouble down during the Iranian strikes and to get the signatures needed for the open-ended oil contracts that GWB's buddies need signed in a parody of a legally signed and authorized government contract - at the point of a gun and the threat of withdrawl should they not be sign over the HIGHEST and most obscene profits ever given to an oil company - you can always negotiate better prices at the point of a gun.

we won't leave Iraq, we will bomb Iran, and the 90K request for more troops for the Army/Marines tells us the US Military staff knows exactly what is coming and what they need - we'll probably stock it with folks seeking US citizenship status - selling citizenship on the backs of Military Service -

It starts with the hit on Iran - I'd even stake my reputation on it in the Politics forum - but I think I'm batting a thousand so far.

before the end of March - we will start an unauthorized and illegal attack on Iranian facilities. It is the missing link - why we sent extra aircraft carriers and Patriot missles for what's supposed to be a guerilla based insurgency - they're getting ready to inflict Pearl Harbor on a group of people (Persians) who you REALLY don't wanna piss off -

thus sayeth Whiskeytown. Let us see how much comes true - this isn't religious prophecy, by the way - this is a studied observation of History and the patterns that repeat when folks go to war.



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