Friday, February 09, 2007

it is winter - dark night of the soul crap - it was on Valentine's Day two yrs ago - or thereabouts it was this cold when I scheduled the trip - the first one to Vegas.

listening to a bonus track off the new Patty Griffin CD - her voice always reminds me of better days - warmer days....

finding cracks in sheetrock walls is no fun - not remembering them beforehand really blows - wonder if it's the cold snap contracting and heating everything - I have wood peeling in spots off cabinets that I think is peeling due to dryness - LOL

and I can barely leave the house - took 10 days off - been sleeping and getting up when I want - without regard for alarm clocks or whatever - no biggie - there is a freedom in getting up and wondering what time it is -

it was nice to piss away 10 days -

poker continue to ruin me - good thing I don't have to worry about cashouts anyways right now.

I see where the is going to be selling some additional info on each player as they get the chance - it is now with bluff's site and so forth - it shows me making a nice 11K -

I know what last year's results were - profitable but this mid year slump has never forgiven me - maybe I should go back to the earlier games - see if I just luck out or what - man -

or reread my earlier posts from that time frame - something there has not clicked lately for me...

but lately, poker has sorta felt like the last thing I want to talk about or do with others, ya know...

so no biggie - just waiting for winter to end....



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