Monday, April 09, 2007

there comes a point where I face adversity, usually on the poker table - usually, the first thing that comes to mind is Batman.

There was a series in the 80's called 10 nights of the Beast - and in it, Batman is going up against a Russian villian who has been augmented and trained much in the same way he was - (in fact, Batman ends up admitting the guy is better then him at some things)

There's a point where the Beast goes over the side of the building, and he catches a wire that Batman misses -

Batman is in freefall now 40 stories up, and he thinks to himself

"it's all right, I've been here before"

then he whips out the batarang and saves his skin.

and now, virtually everytime my back is against the wall - I get AK vs 88, I'm the smallest stack on the table but the blinds are manageable, or in almost last place in the bubble or whatever - the first thought in my head

"It's all right, I've been here before"

as I writing this post, I was playing a 3 table SNG where I was in the last third chipwise most of the tourney, at one point 9 out of 10 when we were 5 handed -

guess who took it down. Sometimes I think I treat 5.50 SNG's as ego massagers :)



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