Saturday, April 14, 2007

If I were a boxer, I'd say I'm ready for a real fight again

made 3 final tables this week - (1500, 400, and 180 players), finished another in 16th, couple good 2 table SNG finishes, and made about 500 TLB points

yes, I'm still slumming the LL games, trying to get my game and confidence back - and I gotta admit, getting 9th out of 1500 and 4th out of 500, even in a micro limit tourney, is a confidence booster - and I lost to a 2 outer on that one - goddamn 3

it was also my first PL 6 handed max tourney - so that was fun - a bit more gamble, but nothing I couldn't handle - I'm so tight that when I repop most guys lay down top pair instantly, and I repopped a few times with nothing and took it down -

just gotta watch my selective aggression - but my laydowns feel good again - I'm more ready to wait for a situation where I have a better read on the hand before commiting

now I just gotta get healthy and start playing the big games again - the $10 ones that pay $500 for 4th -

I'll need a big BR to justify withdrawing my cash via check - and I don't know WHEN Neteller and senator Amato are gonna get our cash flowing the regular way again.



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