Saturday, April 28, 2007

my trip to Iowa to see the rock and roller play and take money from stupid locals didn't pan out - couldn't muster the energy for an 8 hour drive.

Because I am now flying to CA in 6 hrs. - couple days with Mom and getting her pc fixed, and I suspect at least one or two nights in a local cardroom taking money from stupid locals - might even hit that casino again I hit in Nov. near Yosimite - but if not, I have another 3 hr layover in Vegas.

the last two trips I've taken, I've stopped in Vegas long enough to see the strip, get misty eyed, read a couple chapters in a book, and move on - wonder if I'm still big enough to make it to the Orleans gig - hmmmm...

This blog has gone way downhill in the last 18 months - I dunno - obviously I'm a failure without booze - :) - let's see what stories I have to tell when I get back from CA - always a stupid player in some small cardroom who watches too much TV poker -



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