Sunday, May 13, 2007

it is my belief that my recent win gives me such a psychological advantage that the Blogger/Chaser tourney on Full Tilt is a given win and all other bloggers should kindly fold and move on - :)

I'm still checking on an hourly basis waiting for it to show up - where is my first place stat, you whores...

I have my windows and shades open for the first time in the upstairs office - I don't think my neighbors like me - meh - no one has to like me as long as I keep the grass cut.


it was just a 2 buck tourney, and the $300 is good - it's my biggest win of the year and wipes out over 50% of my red ink this year, but 1st out of 800+ players - man...

and I got lucky - always have to -

I'm really overjoyed at my number of final tables so far this year, and in some cases, the odds I had to go thru to get there - at a time when getting in the top 10% was my biggest goal, I'm finding that to consistantly be getting a final table 25-30% of the time is the ego boost I need to keep pushing forwards in the quest to rebuild the bankroll -

and hey, we got a nice start anyways, but that's not the end of the micros for me yet :) but I got plenty of time to rebuild a bankroll before Neteller gets it's shit together again -

see ya'll on Full Tilt in one hr -



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